“Why I Run” — by Joy Packard

Everyone has their own reasons of why they run. For some, it’s to meditate, for others, it might be to beat a personal time. Yet for some, it’s to get fit. First of all, I never have thought of myself as a runner. Even to this day, it sounds kind of funny to me. :) I did not like to run when I was in high school, even though they asked me countless times to be in Track. Me? Track? I was a tennis player! :) Finally, one day, my sister, said..”Hey…let’s run a 5k! There’s one in your area!” At first, my thoughts were, “What? Run? I don’t run!” :) I decided to give it a try and all I can say is that after that first race, there’s no other feeling when you cross that finish line. It is an amazing and incredible feeling!! After that, I was hooked!

For me, running has given me a goal to work towards as far as getting in shape. Signing up for races gives me the extra push that I need to become better. Running gives me the opportunity to think–to be able to meditate in my own strange way. I just put my earphones on and get lost in my own little world. No one to tell me what to do, no crying kids, no traffic, no anything–just me, my running shoes, my ipod, and the road ahead.

I have gotten my health back after having 8 kids. I have not yet perfected the “art of running” but I am trying day by day to do so. I want to be around for my kids and my grandkids. Health is everything–if you don’t have your health, it’s really hard to do anything else. So–just putting one foot in front of the other has gotten me to where I am today. I want to better each day–running has given me that opportunity. Until I run my full marathon, I’m keeping on until I get there.

So–why do I run? It’s been one of the best things for me to become who I am today. It has given me the ability to be a better person, a better mother, a better wife because I feel healthier and I feel accomplished. I will do everything it takes to cross that Finish Line. As they say…”If you can run a marathon, you can do anything.”

And that–is why I run…..

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