Race 9

Well..here I go again…my 2nd 10k race ever!! This was a memorable race for me because I did my best 5k time ever at 31:55 and 10k at 1 hour 9 min. Now, that may not seem very fast for some of you, but it was for me! Wow-I was sooo happy!! ;) This time last year, my 5k was at 38:42, so I know I’m getting stronger and faster and that is just amazing! Slowly but surely I will get there! My goal is to do a 5k under 30 minutes and a 10k under an hour. I met another nice young lady at this race–you’ll see her at the end of my video. She does a lot of marathons as well. Always nice to hook up with all these neat people! One day I’m hoping to run as fast they do! :) However, I go back to my main reason for doing this all–OVERALL HEALTH! And…I’m off…to find another race to sign up for! :)