Race 6

Well, the moment had arrived—20 Packards all running in the San Diego Mud Run!! it was 6.2 miles of running, racing, climbing, limping :0 through mud!! What an experience it was to be with my 71-year old father-in-law and run alongside him. There were several different groups there in costume even. The comradery that was there was incredible! The adrenalin that was racing through me right before the race was amazing also! What were we thinking?? Running through the mud??? HAHA Was one of the most amazing races of my life. Will I do it again? Um….maybe!! But maybe in a place where it is warmer! After the race, we had to take cold showers–that was the most miserable part of the whole thing. (and getting the mud rinsed out of my hair of course :)) This race was much anticipated with our Packard family. It was a great reunion and an experience of a lifetime for sure!!