Race 4

So, what the heck–let’s run for Easter!! ;) We ran the Bunny Hop race for Memorial Hospital which took place in Sugar Land, Texas. The cool thing about this run is it was in my Mom’s neighborhood! She was there 1/2 way waiting and cheering for us even though it was early and a little nippy. I felt a little stronger during this race. My goal was just to continue to improve my time, even if it was by a second or two. Seeing Mom 1/2 way through was so awesome! Even though I had my ipod music going, I could see her clapping and cheering us on and telling me to ‘Go, Go, Go!” :) Wow..what a neat feeling! Can’t remember my exact time on this particular race, but know my time was getting better with each race. If we stay persistent, we will eventually get there. Keep on keeping on!