Race 28

2nd Sugar Land 1/2 Marathon

Well, I debated on whether I should run this race or not.  It was the 2nd Sugar Land 1/2 Marathon happening right here in Sugar Land, Texas!  I had one of my older daughters home from college and she and I had been on a running streak!  So..last minute, we decided to enter!  I will say, it is a race I will never forget!  This was such a special race because I was able to run it with Cherene!!  This was her 1st half-marathon and I felt so privileged to be able to run it with her.
It was definitely not my strongest race.  I was still recovering from my marathon back in January, so I felt that my body was still not in the best shape.  We ran/walked this one and made it through!  We laughed, became sore, and at times thought…”woah..we have a long way to go!”:)    We had a good time taking pictures at some of the markers to “prove” we were there-hahahaha!!
I’m so glad I did this one…little did I know, Cherene was getting married in August and was moving up North to Utah!!  I also became injured shortly after this race, which makes me believe, I may not run any more half marathons or full for that matter. So–asI said earlier–this was a special race for me since I ran it with my sweet daughter.  One of the highlights?  FREE FOOD!  Lol