Race 27

Bunny Hop 5k Race – February 25, 2012

This was definitely not my best, but I was happy to get to run it anyways! I feel like I’m still recovering from my marathon, but I won’t be able to use that excuse very much longer! ;0 lol

My sis, Emmeline and her hubby Dave came again—my inspirations! :) Always so fun to do races with them!

My baby boy, Austin and his cousin Lizzie, as well as my Selena did the 1-mile race. Selena came in first in her division and 5th overall! Austin and Lizzie came in just under 9 minutes. So proud of them all! I love how my kids want to run and stay healthy!

We decided to do the Blue Bell Run April 14. That will be Cherene’s first 10k! Run through the hills and bluebonnets and then eat all the Blue Bell Ice Cream afterwards! Should be so fun! On to training…