Race 24

1/2 Marathon San Antonio.

Hey wait a minute…wasn’t i just here? Doing this race? :) We love this race! We love Rock n’ Roll 1/2 and full marathons–they are so organized and really know what they are doing!! I was able to run this race again with my sister Emmeline and her husband, David. These 2 were my inspiration from the very beginning. We also had Sabrina and Esther (the 2 baby Packard sisters) run the full marathon!! So this was a historical event!

It ended up being an unexpected hot and humid day. I had a harder time than usual, but I kicked it! I was contemplating doing the full and at that fork when the 1/2 marathoners go to the left and the full marathoners go to the right–I almost veered to the right. ;) However, I was feeling a bit dehydrated and not quite myself. I am still so happy for completing the 1/2.

We had the privilege to watch and wait to cheer on my 2 sister-in-laws. I’ve never been at the finish line at a marathon. What an experience! I was able to watch runners of all kinds–old, young, all kinds of different people from all walks of life joining the 26.2 mile club. I felt lumps in my throat as I saw some struggle and some loved ones go out and cheer them on. I was excited to see those who didn’t even look like it was very hard. About to tackle this feat myself on January 15, 2012, I was watching and learning from those who were experiencing crossing the finish line for the first time. I am anxious and excited at the same time as I await my turn.

What a great experience to see my 2 sister-in-laws after 5 or 6 hours come across. Esther, decided to run it at the last minute. Mile 11–she forked to the right! Wow…great stamina! Loved the determination of those Packard sisters!

Well…I’ll be running my first 18-miler in a few weeks in preparation for the full marathon…..this goal of running my first 5k sure has turned into more than I expected. :) Onward…..