Race 23

Energizer Run, Houston, Tx.

I was scheduled to run the San Antonio 1/2 marathon on November 13, so I debated on whether or not I should run this race. However, if you know me by now, I love inaugurals!! This was the first race of its’ kind in the United States. The Energizer Race has been all over the world and the very first city they picked when coming to the US was Houston!!! WOW! Also, it was an evening race, which I’ve never done before. Another cool thing? We all got to run with a headlight on our head!! Can you imagine the beautiful picture of hundreds of runners running with lights on? They were raising money for a good cause–to help raise $ to help those in need who don’t have electricity. So..I was running a race on 11/11/11, my first 11k—what an amazing feeling!! Loved it!

Another cool thing? My good friend, Shelley Winn race her very first race on this day!! She ran the 1.1 k! A very historical day!!!
So…so far..a 5k, a, 10k. an 11k, a 12k….a 1/2 marathon are all under my belt!!! Yippee!! Love reaching all my goals!!