Race 22

The Dream Mile, Lost Creek, Sugar Land, Texas

It seems like just yesterday that I was doing this race! Here I am again! Another 10k..coming up!! This race seems to have more 5ker’s than 10ker’s–not sure the reason why. When there are less runners, it seems that the pressure is on more–lol! Who wants to come in last place? ;) This is one of they main reasons I run to begin with–it gives me that extra “push” that I need to keep going. If I was just doing my morning run, I would just say..”Ok..I’ll just stop and walk the rest of the way.” Knowing that there are others around me, it pushes me to keep going. I’m not necessarily in this to win, but rather, I’m in it to finish. There’s nothing like getting another race done.

I used to get so nervous when I do these things..now..it’s like…ok..put the race bib on, the timing chip, yada yada.:) I know the routine. It still gives me the amazing feeling when I cross the finish line though–that never gets old! One cool thing about this race is my friend, Suzy Walker decided to do this with me. She ended up winning first place in her category! Very cool!

Loved this race..will do it every year if I can! Did someone say kolaches?? Love the free food afterwards! :)