Race 21

Oyster Creek Park-Sugar Land, Texas

As always, I try and do this race each year. Why? Because this is the very race that got me excited about running. I never thought of myself of my runner..sometimes I still feel funny saying that I am. But the more I run, the more I feel I can honestly say , “I am a runner.”

One thing that I’m starting to really enjoy is that my 8-yr. old on Austin is starting to run with me. We went and invested in some running shoes for him and he is loving it!

I ran the 5k and got my own PR which may not be fast for you, but it is for me.:) I am going to work on getting my time under 30 min for my 5k next year. I will be excited to take it down a notch after I run my full marathon this coming January 15th!
Ok….on to the next race story…..