Race 20

5k Labor Day Run

Today is my best friend’s birthday…and what am doing? I decided to do the 5k race so that maybe all the food I will be partaking today…well..maybe it won’t go straight to my hips! ;)

I love doing local races-they are so organized and the ones in this area seem to have all the cool food and freebies afterwards. Why do you think I run these races? ;)

I needed to get my run in and love it when they have these. It gives me an incentive to do what I need to get done, as I’m preparing for my marathon.

One thing that I have really been enjoying is having some of my kids run with me. My baby boy, Austin, now 8, has come to love going to these races with me. He does the 1k and frankly does quite well!

So…another 5k under my belt….let’s hit the next one!