Race 2

So after running my 1st 5k race last month, I definitely caught the running bug!  So, the next 5k that came up was in Beaumont, Texas on Thanksgiving Day. It was freeeezing!!! :)  The race was in a place where the terrain had several holes in the roads, but I was careful.  How motivating it was to see as many people as we did that day.  I was able to run this with my husband Stan, Dave and Em again.  I was able to beat my time by 30 seconds or so!  What an accomplishment for me!  From someone who did not like running at all–this was just plain awesome!  Crossing the finish line is the biggest motivation for me.  There’s nothing like seeing your loved ones at the finish line cheering you on!  And so…on I went to find more races! :)