Race 19

So I have done a 5k, a 10k, and then a ½ marathon. A 12k invite? OK! ;) Wanted to be able to add this distance to my list! It was the weekend after Mother’s Day and my parents were going to San Francisco just to getaway. So, I had planned a trip to join them. I thought, since I’m going to be in San Francisco, surely there is a race in town! Sure enough—Bay to Breakers came up! ESPN has said, “Bay to Breakers is a race to do before you die.” So….being the person I am, I had to add that to my bucket list also! :) lol What’s up with me wanting to do things that are history-in-the-making or’do this before you die?” It gets me everytime! ;) lol

There were over 50,000 participants! It was one of the most amazing races I have ever run! We ran downtown, through Golden Gate State Park and much more. There were waterfalls, greenery, and even bison along the way! You would not believe I stopped along the way to take the pics! On mile 2.5, there a slight incline for about a mile. It was somewhat difficult, but gave me a taste of what I’ll be experiencing when I go to Athens, Greece in November for my full marathon. I hear at least ½ of that race is uphill, so I better start getting used to these hills! This race had people in costumes and even a few in their birthday suits. :) It was definitely a one-of-a-kind type of race. I loved the weather—was a perfect 50 degrees. Even though I started out cold, it actually got kindof hot, but I hated to shed the new San Francisco warmup jacket so I sacrificed and tied it around my waist. :) Hopefully I still look cute for my pictures! ;)

We ended up at Ocean Beach, which is such a dream for me! One day I would love to own a beach house or live on the beach. The waves are so calming and beautiful.

This was definitely a race for me to remember! It has geared me up to look for more races in other parts of the world, like..maybe Hawaii? New York City? Possibly other continents? Maybe…for now..I’m focusing on getting ready for Athens! Onward and upward!