Race 18

Daisies and Dungeons Race for Selena and Austin

This was another “history in the making” thing-a-ma-jiggies.”? This was the first of its’ kind again—a run/bike/run race for kids 4-12. They would run 0.3 miles, bike 2 miles, then finish running .75 miles for a total of 3. It was held at the very cool Ford Arena area in Beaumont, Texas –where they hold the Beaumont Fair each year. There were only about 75 participants or so, but it was awesome! What an amazing way to introduce fitness to my children! They loved it! They were able to do it with their cousins—Eric, Lizzie, and Kenny boy. Camryn Hernandez, the daughter of my best friend was also able to join us.

I love seeing my children active and loving fitness and good health! Many more races for them to come as well!!