Race 17

I am always into “history in the making” stuff so even though it seemed a bit early for me to tackle another ½ marathon since my last one back in November, I decided to do it anyways! This was the first ½ marathon to be held in Sugar Land, Tx, so I wanted to be able to tell my grandkids and great-grandkids that I ran this when I’m old one day!:)It was unusually hot and humid. (well..actually that’s not very unusual for Houston this time of the year! :) ) I guess I was just hoping it would be a nice cool morning of 55-60 degrees for my run! :)

We started the run at 6:45 a.m. so that we could hopefully bypass the heat and sun! I was able to do this race with my sister, Emmeline. She has always been my inspiration from the very beginning of my “running career.” It’s always fun to do these races with family and friends!

It was a really cool run because it was through TownSquare right here in Sugar Land, Tx where there are brick streets and just cool things to look at. We also went down Palm Royale St. where we were able to look at rows of mansions. When there is something to view and you are just not running on a treadmill or around in circles on a track, the miles seem to be easier to tackle. :)

I was getting tired around mile 4 already so out came the first packet of GU Energy Gel. I started wondering at this time if I was going to make it!

But then came mile, 5, then 6 and so on…When I saw the mile 10 marker, I thought to myself, ok..just do a 5k—you do this all the time! (Wow..5k’s used to scare me :))

So-my sis beat me on this one and was cheering for me at the finish line!
We both did our personal bests. Mine was at 2 hours and 37 min! About 15 min faster than my first one! So..I was glad it was over and happy to get my finisher’s medal. Another ½ marathon under my belt!!