Race 16

Well it was March 12, 2011—my “baby’s” 8th birthday. Where has the time gone? What better way to celebrate than to run a 5k? :) My 2 brother-in-laws were running the full marathon and I decided to run the 5k with my son David, along with my sis, her daughter, and a few other Packards. My daughters were actually invited to sing, so we just made it a family event.

My son David came in 2nd in his category! It’s getting exciting watching my children take up the love of running. Nothing like learning fitness while they are young. It was really cool to watch my 2 brother-in-laws as they took on the task that I will be taking come November of this year as I take on my full marathon in Athens.

This wasn’t my strongest race, but I continue to want to improve with each race. I am trying to lengthen my stride and to pick up my legs. I guess we learn from each race that we run. However, I continue to remind myself of why I run–that is to finish and to be healthy. So…another one under my belt. Next up–the big 1/2 marathon in Sugar Land, Tx. on March 27th!