Race 14

Well today was February 26, 2011. This time last year, it was FREEZING in Houston, Tx. Today, it was breezy, cloudy, and not very cold at all–a perfect day to run 6.2 miles. There were over 13,000 participants in this race. What an amazing turnout! To be quite honest, I was not that excited about driving 30 minutes, parking, and then running that distance! However, once there, with the crowd, the “rush” all came back to me.:) I love the crowds and their motivation. I love running with other people and feeling the energy of the race. I’m not in it to win necessarily–only to finish. Last year, I did the 5k. I did not realize the 10k had some bridges to go over! Boy were these TOUGH!! I was able to run with my sister, David and Deej. It’s so fun to be able to run with family and friends!

My time was 1 hour and 14 min. I was very happy with that because my best 10k race time is 1:09–but that is on flat terrain. I felt a little more in shape at this run, but not where I need to be yet. I guess I will just continue to get stronger over time as I continue to do my runs! Next stop? March 27, 2011–1st 1/2 Marathon in Sugar Land, Texas!!