Race 13

Well, it’s 2011 and the beginning of my training for my full marathon coming up in Athens, Greece in November!  I had a few of my friends ask me to run this race with them last minute.  The weather has been quite chilly here in Houston–like 20′s and 30′s in the morning!  Brrrr! ;)   My daughter just had her 3rd baby 4 weeks ago and this was also my best friend’s 1st 5k Race.  Her son also ran it with us.  I decided to walk this one with my daughter and friend.  It was all good since I had a hamstring injury a few weeks ago from a cycling class!  It was more important for me to be with my daughter and friend on this amazing, beautiful scenic run.  It was held at the George Ranch Historical Park in Richmond, Texas.  You should go google it and see what it’s all about! :)  It was a beautiful ranch and the time passed quickly since I found it to be quite beautiful!

I think that if you have not begun with your goals, how will you ever finish??  Start with walking even 5 min/day.  Every goal you make is one step closer to your other goals.  Better yourself everyday.  This is how it all began for me….next up–Houston Rodeo 10k Race on Feb. 26th!