Race 12

Well, it was that time of year–THANKSGIVING! And what do we do at that time??? EAT! :) So…I decided to the 5-mile Turkey Trot!! That way, I could eat more turkey and pie!:) One thing that made this race particularly special was that my 10-year old Selena wanted to run the mile race and my son Brandon and friend Deej ran it with me as well. Of course my sis, Em and her 2 little ones–Eric and Christina ran it as well.
I had not run since my 1/2 marathon on Nov. 13. I was still recovering and was still ill. I think this 5-mile race was harder for me than the 1/2!!! I guess it’s because I had not trained in 2 weeks, etc. The good news? I still got it done!!
Sometimes we don’t feel like we can do something. Sometimes it is hard—we do it anyways! We are always glad afterwards. I have decided that one of my big goals for 2011 is to run a full marathon. Contemplating Marathon of all marathons…Athens, Greece!!!! Are you with me?? Let’s do it!!