Race 11

November 14, 2010 will always be  a special day for me.  It is the day I finished and conquered my first half-marathon!!  I had signed up for it  earlier in the year around May.  I figured if I wanted to step up, I needed to do it big-time.  I went from running 5k races to a few 10k races so that I could prepare to run this first half-marathon.  Who would have ever thought I would want to or even think of attempting to do something like this??  Never in a million years would that thought come to mind.  But…it did! ;)

I tried to follow a few training schedules.  Marathon Rookie is a 12-week program and I tried to follow that the best I could.  Sometimes, however, life gets in the way, and we just do what we can.  We keep moving forward.  Just because you were sick and had to skip a day doesn’t mean you are a failure. You just pick it back up where you left on and keep going!

Unfortunately, about a week before this event, I caught some sort of sickness.  You know the stuff you get around this time–flu-like symptoms.  The achy bones, headache, stuff nose, yucky stuff.  I was thinking….”How in the world am I gonna run in this condition?”  I was I no place to run that day.  I almost backed out.  However, it’s interesting what they say when you have a goal and you write it down….I said I would do it, and nothing was going to stop me!

So..the moment arrived…Sunday morning…5:30 a.m. The alarm went off.  Up and at em’!  Started putting the vaseline on my feet, and getting ready to run the biggest race of my life!  Hat, glasses, shorts, shirt, race tag, race tag on shoe, ….you know the routine!   6:35 a.m.  Time for some breakfast.  Who runs a 13.1 mile race on an empty stomach?  Not a good idea if you ever thought you could! :)  It was now 7 a.m……time to start walking towards the starting line…my heart was pumping and racing like crazy.  “I am about to run the longest race of my life.”  (that’s what was going thru my head)

Everyone was lining up.  30,000 runners showed up for this amazing and organized race.  WOW.

The anticipation was amazing.  Never in my life have I run more than 7 miles.  And so off we went…mile 1-3 was not so bad.  Around mile 4, it was getting pretty hard.  I decided to take the GU that was in my pocket.  Never took that stuff before…I guess it helped! :)  Mile 5-8 was alright.  When mile 9 came around, it was time for some more GU…maybe I was taking too much?  Not sure, but with my sickness going on, I had to do something! :)

The hardest mile was 11.2…just started to lose steam.  Then, a friend’s advice came to my head..”DIG DEEP” I heard her say!  So…that is what I did.


12.5 miles….WOW…I can’t believe I’m almost there!!  The spectators were amazing as they encouraged us.  I’m sure my face manifested that look of someone about to collapse. :)  But on my iPod, thank goodness…Theme from Rocky came on. :)  And so I kicked it up a notch.  As I was approaching the finish line, I just could not believe it!  Wow–what an accomplishment.  I felt so..what’s the word…accomplished. :)  It was one of the most exhilarating feelings in my life.


I DID IT!!  And so….on to find more races.  This one is definitely one I will always remember!!