Race 10

Well this is where it all started for me….Oyster Creek Park–Run to Cure Huntington’s Disease. I will always remember this race because this time last year, I ran my first 5k ever! This was my anniversary race and I will always try and run this one. I wasn’t feeling my best the morning of this run. I was still recovering from some very sore quads from the 10k the week before. However, I still ran it! :) No matter what, we should keep trying even though it is hard–that’s what I learned from this particular run. It definitely wasn’t my best run and I can’t even remember my time. The most important thing is to “complete, rather than focusing on compete.” My oldest daughter and 2 grandbabies came out to cheer me on, as well as my sweet husband and youngest 2 kids. It’s so neat to see loved ones cheering you on. Keeps you going when it gets tough. There’s nothing like hearing the voices at the finishing line saying…”Go Mommy!! Go Lola!” ( Filipino for Grandma ;)) So….yet another race under my belt!! On to the the 1/2 in November!