Race 1

October 10, 2009.. Oyster Creek Park… Sugar Land, Texas…. That’s when it happened. I ran my very first 5k race! Got 2nd in my category from age group 40-45. Boy did that ever give me the “running bug” that everyone kept talking about. I was able to run the race with my daughter, Jenelle, my sister, Emmeline and her husband David. They were all inspirations to me as they cheered me on. Never in my life did I think I would EVER want to be a runner. Crossing the finish line did it for me–it got me “hooked.” In highschool, my coaches begged me to run track and do the hurdles. They thought that because I played tennis, I could run as well. ” Run?? Who me?? I don’t think so,” I told them. Running hurts!  :)

Well, I can honestly say it’s been a very rewarding endeavor that I have taken upon myself. Until I run a full marathon one day, I don’t think this “running bug” will go away. So…on I go!  ;)