Jillian Michaels Cruise

Jillian Michaels Cruise Oct. 21-25, 2010

So today is October 24, 2010. It’s a nice Sunday afternoon around 4:00 p.m., Bahamas/Miami time. :) I am sitting outside on my balcony watching the beautiful blue water as we are sailing back to Miami. I am just trying to remember everything that I have experienced the last 4 days—it’s been so amazing!

We left Miami on Thursday evening around 5 p.m. to begin our journey on an experience of a lifetime. What I thought was so very cool is that Jillian Michaels made a point to take a picture and greet everyone that came on the cruise. How neat is that?? If you can only imagine being in her shoes and greeting over 2000 people! Wow!! What a gal! She chartered this whole ship—the Norwegian Star to accommodate the activities for this cruise.

On Friday, we arrive at the Great Stirrup Cay—the private island of Norwegian Cruise lines. What a relaxing and great time. We started off by grabbing a double hammock and ended up taking an hour nap! Good thing, because we had no idea what we were in for. We were assigned to Marco Borges Beach workout at 2 p.m.

From sprinting to crab-crawling and so much more, I think it was one of the most challenging workouts of my life! However, being amongst several other people—from beginners to advanced fitness levels, it was so neat to see everyone cheering the others on to finish.

We ended up eating at Sushi, one of the specialty restaurants onboard. YUMMY! :)

One thing that was really cool about this whole cruise is that all the food was from Jillian Michael’s cookbooks. They showed the calories, sodium levels, and so much more. Unlike other cruises, it was all healthy eating. No butter on the table and desserts were made from low-calorie/low-sugar ingredients.

Friday, we had our group workout with Jillian Michaels at 9:15 p.m. WOW! Working out with her—what an experience! We moved 3x from our location so we could see her better. The one thing that was bugging me was one girl working out next to me and not realizing she was getting in my space! ;) Did she think she was the only one in that space? Geesh! :) Jillian was so motivating and so amazing. It was one of the hardest workouts of my life once again. There was great motivation also from the other 200 cruisers working out alongside with me.

We spent the day in the Bahamas and had a great time shopping and eating. Um…I broke down and got myself a Tiramisu ice cream cone and grape soda. :) I figured it was ok from all that working out I was doing! :)

That evening was a special treat. We had the 9 p.m. speaking engagement with none other than Jillian herself. Our seats were right, smack in the middle on ground floor level, so that was pretty cool! She gave us a motivating speech and answered questions. I learned so much and am motivated to eat better and to make exercise a more daily routine more than ever.

Today, we had a 5k at sea. How awesome is that?? We had what they call deck wars where the whole boat was divided in 4 colors. Each team got tokens for all the different activities that can be done on the ship. Running the 5k earned 10 tokens. It was so neat running on the Promenade deck with all my fellow cruisers. I love the fitness spirit all over the boat. It just makes you want to be healthier!

This has been an amazing experience. I have never been on a cruise where it was focused on nutrition, fitness, and making myself a better person. I have never seen so many people in one place working out and caring so much about what they ate and how many of the workouts they were going to do that day! There were so many different activities available from lectures to workouts to shopping and so much more.

I come away from here wanting to be a better me. I want to be even better in my running. I want to be the best I can be and to be in the best shape of my life. I know I can do it. I did it on this boat! I need to surround myself with good and healthy foods and develop those habits to be better. Being healthy is so much more than exercise and eating right–it’s about loving life and living it to its’ fullest. I want to have unlimited energy and to feel amazing. The things I have learned on this cruise and being around Jillian Michaels has not only changed my life, but those that came onboard.

So…. let’s get to it. Let’s be better than we were yesterday. Let’s write those goals and keep them! DO IT!

Jillian Michaels