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It’s 2013!! What are your goals? Here’s my first post for this year!

RaceUSA Mobile App is Lauching–Are You Ready??

Hello all!! Well it's been some time since I have updated my blog! Life has been pretty crazy!!!    I have been involved in a 90-day app challenge.  You can read about what it's all about here: One of the things I wanted to let you know about is that I am Continue Reading

Inspirational Video: Running Down 120 Pounds

There are many things in life that inspire me--my parents, my family, my children..and then there's RUNNING. ;) I love how running let's you focus on the here and now, on what YOU want to accomplish. Running is not an easy thing to do, but ANYONE can do it. I like to relate it to the fact that Continue Reading

1st 10k race – Conoco Phillips Rodeo Run

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video update

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Athens Greece Marathon Update

29th Athens Classic Marathon Continue Reading